Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well Thank Goodness...

I was really starting to worry about Dakin's oxygen saturation being so low...he was sitting 96-97 on Friday night. Well, come Saturday, and he's still lower than usual for him, but Saturday night he was back up at 99-100 most of the night. It turns out it was something silly...our weekend night nurse (who herself was trached at one point) propped his head up and that launched his sats right back up. When we first got home we went through a period where he was on O2 quite a bit since his sats were low, and it turned out that all we needed to do was position his ventilator circuit better so it triggered the vent--I guess this weekend was just another period like that. Whew. I didn't think I could be any more aggressive on his chest percussions.

We are praying for all the SMA and SMARD kids in the hospital right now. Get well soon, little fighters!!

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