Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 4 of NG Tube Out

It's gone pretty well so far! The first night Dakin ate a whole mess of chicken parm I had ground up and all of his milk. He did great on Saturday, eating 8 whole ounces (4 PediaSure, 4 potato soup), which he has never done. I was a little worried on Sunday, as he didn't eat any of his table food for dinner, but he did wake up in the middle of the night and ate 4 ounces for the nurse (which shocked me, since he hardly ever eats for anyone but Mommy), and he ate 8.5 ounces for lunch today. Potato soup again...he seems to like potatoes...lolol.

We're feeling optimistic at the moment, since we were convinced that we would have to drop the tube again on Friday. He's eating better now than he ever did with that idiot tube down his throat. He does, however, have some sort of infection that resembles thrush, and so we're hoping that it won't affect him too much. Keep your fingers crossed!!!! He was always beautiful, but he is so much more so without that stupid tube!


Kristy said...

Big boy Dakin! Keep eating little man.

kj said...

Hey Devon . . . it's Kjirsten! I just found your comment on my blog (man, I'm quick!) Anyway, what a treat to get to see pictures of Dakin and hear about his progress!! Such a doll! When we left Longview, I don't think you guys had a diagnosis yet . . . I'm so glad you know what you're dealing with now. And we will certainly keep Dakin (and you and big Dakin) in our prayers. I know it's tough. Our thoughts are with you.

Darla said...

I have been following your blog and so happy to hear he is off the tube! Keep beleiving he can do it! My grandson was on the tummy feeding tube for months, little by little we tried introducing solids and liquids, and finally hit upon a few things that he really took to. He loved vanilla Pediasure, vanilla yogurt mixed with rice cereal, hot dogs skinned and cut up real small, cherrios and bananas! We convinced the Drs to remove the tube, they thought we were being premature but we were concerned as he was 14 months old and could not sit up or roll over because of the button coming out of his tummy. They finally removed it against their will and he thrived and even gained weight! He became active, rolling, sitting and walking within 3 months time. He eventually accepted other foods and is now 5 years old. He still has health problems but he is no longer tied to a feeding tube! Sometimes parents know what is best for their children and just have to go for it! YEA Dakin, keep up the good work!

beth said...

YEAH DAKIN!!! I'm so excited for you (and Mommy and Daddy)! Keep up the good work...fingers are crossed and prayers are always said. Here's to hoping eating gets to be a favorite activity and the improvements keep coming. Hugs and kisses
Aunt Beth