Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Berry Picking

OK, so we went berry picking like the 4th of June. And here we are near the end of July.  Where on EARTH has this summer gone?!?!!

ANYWAY.  Berry picking day was one of the best days ever.  I loaded Dakin up and headed to the walking path, and then met one of my best friends and her son K, who is Dakin's best buddy.  We headed out the berry patch.

It took us about 2 months to get there, since people in East Texas can't give directions worth a darn ("Turn left at the tree the lightning split in two in 1912, go til you see where Old McDonald's farm used to be...").  We finally found the patch and headed in!

All direction jokes aside, this patch was beautiful.  There were gorgeous flowers and rows and rows of berries.  So we just loaded our baskets up.  I am kicking myself for not having like 50 arms that I could have picked more blackberries with.  They were DELISH.  And far too few in number.

So we had a lovely time with our friends.  We headed home, saw a deer, got stopped for forever at a train crossing, and then was haunted by the same train on the way home (Dakin LOVED that.  He HATES train horns.)

It was a bit of a drive home, so Dakin sampled some berries!  Yes, he actually ATE some blackberries!  And we had fun jamming to "Drive By" by Train--he knows the words and he and I were just singing and jamming and eating blackberries.

It was a beautiful day.  One of the best.  And then when we got home he told me he was mad because I didn't let him pick any.  (I just wasn't thinking!!! ACK!  He was helping hold the baskets!) So I guess we just get to go back next year.  :)

Dakin and best buddy K

Blackberry face!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bits and Bobs

And another 'My-kid-is-so-cute-and-I-just-have-to-post-every-last-little-thing' post.
Today was a gold mine of Dakinisms. I love seeing how his little mind works. I did something that was annoying him, and he was wiggling closer to me to lick me (his only form of self defense haha), and I fixed him with a stink eye or said something...can't remember which. He looked at me for a second, started wiggling back, saying, 'beep, beep.' (like a truck backing up...perhaps you had to be there but it was hilarious).

We were talking about one of his newest favorite subjects-dinosaurs. We were discussing the Confucisornis, and whether it was nocturnal. I said 'If it was nocturnal, it slept during the day. Like Mommy. Mommy is very tired today.' He responds, 'Confucisornis is tireder than you, Mommy.' Well, excuuuuuse me.

He was so silly today, but a little whiny, so I pointed it out to him, saying, 'you are very cute and very whiny.' He says, 'Hmmmmm. That is not how that goes.' I laughed and said, 'Ok, you are very cute and...' He piped in with 'smart.'

Ok. TOMORROW, I WILL blog about our blackberry picking trip, which was one of the awesomest days EVER.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Hope you had a fantastic 4th!!
 Captain America Dakin--I made his shirt from this tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I was happy with how it turned out!  The silly face is his 'mirror face'--the face he makes in the mirror when we carry him to the bathtub.  No, he doesn't think much of himself at all.  Eye roll.  :)

This 4th was also a first (see what I did there!? Oh, I kill me) in that we did sparklers for the first time with Dakin.  He LOVED it.  This is something I have been planning for years, but we just never did.  A huge grin lit up his face the whole time as he requested different colors and had fun waving the sparklers.  Definitely one of those top ten memories. 

No other fireworks for us, though...Dakin has this massive noise phobia that will occasionally lead to tears and demands to be taken somewhere he deems safe, and it is usually so hellishly, bibically, devilishly, who-opened-the-portal-to-hell hot warm here at this time of year we have never tried a real fireworks show.  But the sparklers were enough for us this year.  Awesome.