Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magic Moments

So, it has been a month. And I apologize profusely for that. I had been delaying posting because I was lacking a USB cord for my camera. Now I have a newer, even more excuse-y excuse in that I have broken my foot. Sooooooo....yeah. No posts.

But I do want to jot down a few things...another one of those more-for-me posts. Just stuff I don't want to forget. And once both foot and technical issues are resolved, I PROMISE, nay, SWEAR that I will get back to posting as I should.

1. Dakin is obsessed with letters at the moment. Since he figured out he can read, he has been asking to spell and sound out words all the time, and telling me what words begin with. He just loves all things letters!

2. The other day he was lying on the floor-we were doing something, don't remember what-when all of a sudden he says, "He talks crazy in Spanish." I asked him who he meant and he said, "Spanky."-the English bulldogacross the street that is just one of his favorite beings ever. I have no idea where he got the idea that Spanky talks crazy in Spanish, but whatever. It was quite a funny moment.

3. As a reward for using the potty the other day I got him some new apps for his iPad. One of them I got as a freebie, not really thinking he would like it. It is a game where it asks you a question about a state and you have to choose the correct one out of four. You can then drop the state and have to make a stack that goes up over the line. ANYWAY, he LOVES it. He played it for five hours the first day he had it. And has played a lot more since then. As a result, he can now identify a good portion of the US states by shape alone. He is amazing. They also have a country game he has fallen in love with.

4. Today was a lovely day. It was gorgeous out and we took Dakin outside in the sunshine. It was sheer joy watching him 'walk around,' as he says. He even got to chase a little bird around and he loved that. He has also seemingly gotten over his fear of birds...I told him a little fairy story about the birds being sad that he didn't want to be friends and now every bird he sees he says hi to. He is still a little wary of the LARGE flocks of grackles we get around here, but they are admittedly scary. But yay for progress on the bird phobia!

5. He has also started to get over his fear of noise. We have been out a lot lately, and the lawnmowers are running. That would have sent him into a panic last year, but now he is ok with it.

6. Lastly, he has been very lovey lately. A lot of "I love you, Mommy.".

OK, talk to you all SOON.