Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Can't Be Said Better Than This.

I hope no one who's already posted this minds, but I really wanted to share it. It's from, from someone who sent it in to be posted on that site. Please take a moment to read it and put yourself in the shoes of a parent who is facing this. Treatment and cure for SMA are so close...please please take 30 seconds and sign the petition ( And then please take 10 minutes to tell your friends about it. No one should have to face this. For us, the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act (which the petition is for) won't directly help Dakin's disorder, but it might have side benefits for it, so this is pretty much the only viable star we have to hitch our wagon to. Please. Help us save these sweet little ones and their families. Help us maybe save Dakin too. Please.


The Crocketts said...

I'm gonna post this on my blog. Thanks for being a friend!

Nate said...

Saw it as well. :) Pretty cool it actually made it to the site. Now MILLIONS of people have heard of SMA! How cool is that?!