Friday, January 23, 2009

Successful Week!

The weather took an upturn this week and we got to go on our wagon walk! Here's Dakin with Daddy.
We have made two successful changes this week: Dakin is completely off his Erythromycin (which is an antibiotic but in small enough doses helps with gastric motility--it was to help with his "reflux"). Dr. B (gastroenterology) said we could go ahead and take him off it. Next med to be gotten rid of is the Prevacid.
Secondly, we have lowered Dakin's Pressure Support setting on his ventilator. The last time we tried to do this he ended up pretty tired the next day, so we had to up it again. This time around he's been acting normally, and as far as we can tell there's been no lowered oxygen saturation, so we're feeling pretty optimistic about keeping it down. It was at 16, now we're at 15, and once we get down to 14 I think we can start these trach collar trials.


Sky said...

Sounds like he is doing great, Skylar vpap settings are at 14 and 5. I know should be a span of ten, but Sky does really great on these settings, what do you mean by trach color trials? Anyways your little man is a doll, have a good weekend Sheila

Sky said...

Im a dork I ment to type collar trials :)