Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Truck!

So we have this friend.  This awesome, awesome friend.  His name is Dan, and he is an engineer.  We met Dan last year when we had contacted LeTourneau University about helping us modify toys that Dakin could actually use.  Dan took the problem and ran with it...creating a truck for Dakin that he absolutely loved.  Dan graduated from school and went to work.  But he hasn't forgotten about Dakin.  A week or so ago we got a call from Dan, saying he would be in town and had a new truck for Dakin.  So he stopped by, we had a nice visit, and this is what he brought:

You know what this is?  I will tell you what it looks like--it looks like one of those awesome flip RC cars.  And that is what it is on the outside.  But with the simple, genius addition of a piece of PVC pipe, it becomes a world of opportunity for a little boy who can't play with the regular toy.  See how much he is enjoying it in the video?  Amazing.  That smile is worth the world to me.

Dan had just seen the truck in the store and thought he could modify it for Dakin.  You see, Dan is one of those truly kind and thoughtful people.  It touches me so much to know he is using his God-given talent for engineering to help Dakin have a toy--something so simple and that so many take for granted.  Dan, I can't say how grateful we are to you--for your thoughtfulness and your giving nature, for your talent and concern for my sweet little one. 

And if we ever get a house with more rooms, you have a standing invitation.  At the very least, dinner.  :) 


Busy as a Bee in Paris said...

very touching, people like him are god's gift to the world, wish we could all be a little more like that! so happy for your little dakin! bises xoox

Bethany said...

Dakin, what an awesome car!! You drive it so well on your own, soon you will be chasing your parents and your nurses around the house with it :) I love adapted technology and to see such a simple adaptation give access is awesome! Dan, you are an angel in every day clothing and I give thanks that there are people like you in this world!!