Thursday, August 25, 2011

Autumn of Awesome

OK. Perhaps it is because I have been trapped in my house for the last three months ( but I am dead ready for fall. Always my favorite season, fall around here signals a return to sanity in weather- temperatures that humans can actually survive in, golden rays of sunshine instead of the brazen blasting hot yellow of summer. And a lot more fun things to do. So I made a list. Of course. I love lists.

Anyhoo, my list is the 100 things I want to do with Dakin before the year is up, so strictly speaking it will be the Autumn and Early Winter of Awesome. Autumn of Awesome works better. A lot of the things on the list are things we do every year anyway, but some are new. Some of them I won't be specific about because it's never a good idea to put where you are going on the Internet, right? So...all of these will be a blog post as well, so I can catalog the memories.

Without further ado: the Autumn of Awesome list:

1.Collect rocks in a basket (sounds strange, but I found it on a parenting website or something...haha
2. Thing I can't be specific about, but it will be good. You'll see.
3. Do something nice for someone.
4. Do an advent calendar.
5. Make black cat cookies (yum!!)
6. Make a gingerbread house.
7. Enjoy Thanksgiving
8. Go to Tiger Creek
9. Go Halloween shopping
10. Do something amazing
11. Do something breathtaking
12. Go to the Dallas aquarium
13. Go to the Dallas Butterfly House
14. Go to the Pumpkin Patch at the Dallas Arboretum
15. Carve a pumpkin
16. Make chocolate pumpkin bread (if you haven't had it, make it. Ah-maz-ing!!)
17. Decorate for Halloween
18. Decorate for Christmas
19. Go to Santaland
20. Get Santa pics done, preferably without tears this year
21. Make a Halloween craft
22. Make a Thanksgiving tree
23. Make a Christmas craft
24. Make tummies
25. Make and get Dakin to acquiesce to enter a table fort
26. Look at the stars
27. Play in the snow
28. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
29. Go trick or treating
30. Awesome awesome thing #2...a party. Specifics later.
31. Awesome thing #3...a wet and wild experience
32. Make play dough
33. Go Christmas shopping
34. Collect autumn leaves
35. Make gingerbread people
36. Make cookies for Santa
37. Make treats for his reindeer
38. Make Christmas gifts
39. Go to the zoo
40. Go to Cherokee Trace drive through safari
41. Awesome #4: new friend
42. Awesome #5: construction project
43. Awesome #6: might or might not work
44. Awesome #7: treasure hunt
45. Awesome #8: important purchase
46. Make ice cream
47. Have a birthday party
48. Play instruments
49. See a movie
50. Kick fallen leaves
51. Press autumn leaves
52. Read our Halloween books
53. Read our Christmas books
54. Make salt dough ornaments
55. Awesome #9: sneaky and secret
56. Awesome #10: sneaky and secret #2
57. Make a tree journal
58. Make a 'collection'. Dakin seemed interested in the collection one of the dinosaurs on 'Dinosaur Train' had. So I thought we could start one for him.
59. Make giant bubbles
60. Blow bubbles outside
61. Make Challah bread
62. Have a Hannukkah dinner
63. Feed ducks
64. Make shaving cream tub paints
65. Make sparkly snowflakes
66. Have Movie Friday
67. Successfully make a homemade bouncy ball
68. Make magnetic silly putty
69. Grow beans in a CD case
70. Make stars in jars
71. Build a rocket
72. Make a marshmallow gun
73. Make toothpick buildings
74. Make pumpkin spice play dough
75. Celebrate Guy Fawkes day
76. Fill bedroom with balloons on Dakin's birthday
77. Watch the Great Pumpkin
78. Watch the Charlie Brown Christmas show
79. Watch at least one Halloweentown movie. He wasn't biting last year...
80. Make a Christmas Child box
81. Go to the park
82. Go to story time at the Mud Hut
83. Slide down the slide at the park
84. Go to story time
85. Dress up for Halloween
86. Awesome #10: meet a big new friend
87. Have an awesome birthday cake (oh, and it will be awesome)
88. Have Christmas dinner
89. Lie outside on blanket at look at clouds. Provided the small one agrees.
90. Do leaf rubbings
91. Go to a craft show
92. Make wassail
93. Make gifts for Dakin's doctors
94. Awesome #11: a moving experience
95. Make gingerbread play dough
96. See friends
97. See family
98. Raise money for SMARD
99. Open presents on Christmas
100.Decorate Christmas tree

Ok, that's all of them! I am looking forward to an amazing end of the year. Now if I could just get it to cool off so we could go outside...


Colleen said...

I'm looking forward to fall too....1st day of school, the fair, pumpkins, it's the best time of year!

beth said...

One item a day will take care of all of it! Happy favorite time of year too.
Loe Aunt Beth

Bethany said...

That is quite a list and I know Dakin is going to have so much fun doing each and every single one of the activities!! What a great idea to make a list of the fun things you want to do! I love autumn too - I can not be outside in the heat of summer, and I have to bundle in too many layers for the Michigan winters. I think I may have to steal some ideas from Dakin's list to do myself - like swirling my wheelchair in a pile of leaves ;)