Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conversations With Dakin: Honey Edition

Speech Therapist: Dakin, what are those? (showing him picture of bees)
Dakin: Bees.
ST: And where do they live?
Dakin: Honey store.

Well of course. Doesn't that make sense?

More random Dakinisms:

In the van the other day: Dakin in his chair, nurse behind him, me having run into the restaurant we were parked at. Dakin heard a truck go by and said, "big, loud, red, stupid truck." Then he caught himself and kind of looked back a little to see if Jane was going to do anything about the fact he said stupid. He then amended his statement to "big, loud, red truck.". Ha!

In the kitchen the other day being bugged by a fly: "he's everywhere!"

His other new favorite thing to say is "Mommy say yes." Even if I haven't said yes, he will say I said yes to whatever it is he wants to do. It's pretty cute.


Junior said...

oh Dakin you are so funny.

Colleen said...

What a smart and fun little guy!!

Valerie said...


April said...

Oh so cute!! Love the way he says things :)

Bethany said...

Dakin, you are too cool! I love the way you think, of course bees would be at the honey store :) And the wuick, sly cover up for using the word stupid for that noisy red truck. And your persistence is cute as can be, saying mommy say yes even when she hasn't as if by saying she did you can make it so!! You are growing and learning and I love having the honor of watching and seeing how your mind works!!