Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why I Love Handy Manny

Yep, I love that show. And I'll tell you why. Because in every single episode, they make a point of showing the people in Sheetrock Hills who are wheelchair bound--there are 2: Sam, the owner of the bike shop, and another little boy who is in a chair and who likes to play basketball. They are shown rolling through town, and there is acutally an episode about each of them.

It may seem like something small, but it really means a lot to see so much diversity in Handy Manny. It makes me happy to know that someday Dakin will notice Sam or the other little boy and say, "hey, he's like me," and he'll feel included.

Now if we could only get a chaired kid on Little Einsteins...my joy would be complete. :)

Update: Dakin is much better. He wasn't on 02 last night. I'm still nervous though, as we learned that 2 kiddos have died of H1N1 in our area this week.


Dana said...

"Faith" and (HUGS)

That is cool about Handy Many. I will have to let Laneah watch it as well.

Have you checked out Miss Bindergarten books. We love them. They also have a student in their class in a wheelchair. Every time we get to Lenny Lion's page she says " Hey , he's in a wheelchair just like me." Gotta love books and shows that do that.

We also trached Laneah's doll.

Have a good week and a better weekend.

TMI Tara said...

I didn't know that about Handy Manny! I just like that show for the fun colors -- too cute -- I'll have to watch for the wheelchairs! Chloe doesn't actually like TV, but I keep trying!

I am SO glad to hear Dakin is doing better. I am so frightened of N1H1, I am seriously considering staying inside my house until next June. Hugs and prayers for you (and Dakin of course!)

Victoria Strong said...

Just wanted you to know that your special package arrived. We have not opened it yet -- we are saving it for the BIG day on the 4th! :) :)

SOOOOO glad Mr. Man is looking better today!!!

Kristen said...

I've always liked Handy Manny too except for the sound of the ringing phone. It is identical to ours and always has me running. I do know who you are talking about but have never really paid attention to the fact that they are in wheelchairs. The girls have never mentioned it either which makes me smile. They don't notice because to them it's no big deal!

So glad to hear that Dakin is better. I have been holding my breath as I read your posts.

Junior said...

Wow, that is great about Handy Manny.
Prayers that Dakin will stay healthy.

Colleen said...

It sounds like a great show. I'm glad to hear that Dakin is not needing the oxygen at night. I hope he continues to get better. I'm getting nervous about the swine flu too. Isaac's sister was exposed to a classmate who had it this week. It's hard not to panic sometimes.

The Gustafson Family said...

Nicholas has only watched it twice, but we will be tuning in more now! It's so frustrating when we watch Dora te Explorer and she says, "Stand up!" Nicholas loves that show and doesn't know what it means yet, but I grimace every time I hear it because I know one day he's going to wonder why he can't stand.

Sara said...

So glad to hear Dakin is doing better! You are not too far from me, and we are freakin' out down here too about the H1N1 stuff, I cant even imagine having an immune compromised child and having to worry about it...
Love yall,

Karen said...

Glad your lil man is feeling better. There is also a child in a wheelchair on little bill.

April said...

What a neat show! Hope he is feeling better!

Heather said...

My boys love Handy Manny too. It is great that they show such a diversity of different races and kids with wheelchairs.
Also, just found out the other day that the voice of Handy Manny is done by Fez from That 70's Show and thought that was funny. Never would have guessed that.