Saturday, September 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Dakin

Dakin has changed so much in the last few months, largely I feel due to the fact we have gotten him a custom stroller and have been able to take him out on walks. All our therapists tell us that once a child starts moving through space then some pretty spectacular development occurs. We've definitely seen this with him--not that he was ever cognitively not on-track, but he has really blossomed with the advantage of movement.

With all these changes, I thought I'd do a Dakin 101 write up, for my own memories and so that you all could get to know him better. I'm basing it on the "25 Random Things" meme floating around the internet.

1. Dakin loves books. LOVES books. He would rather read than do almost anything else.

2. His favorite books (at the moment) are 1. The Monster at the End of this Book, 2. Good Night Sweet Butterflies, 3. There's a Wocket in My Pocket, and 4. The Zoo. I've read The Monster four times already today.
3. Dakin loves rough and tumble playing. It's the boy in him, I guess.

4. He has, in the absence of many words just yet, developed a pointing mechanism--he'll widen his eyes, look at the object he wants noticed, and raise his chin in its direction, while making a distinctive 'aaah' sound. Works as well as a finger!

5. Dakin adores being in his stroller. We are trying to get him up in it more in preparation for a power chair and also since developmentally he just needs to be upright as much as possible.

6. He likes seeing dogs. When he does, he makes an 'oof oof' sound. Birds that resemble ducks are 'da da da' and sheep say 'ba'. Any other animal makes one of these three sounds...cats say 'oof oof', etc.

7. He is extremely interestes in motorized vehicles. For all those with wheels he makes a 'brrm brrm' sound (including his stroller) and flying ones are 'ra ra', like Rocket on Little Einsteins.

8. Dakin's favorite thing to see on walks are pump jacks. He will complain if we don't stop and look at each and every one of them (and that's a lot around here) and nearly launched himself out of his seat to see one yesterday.
9. Dakin loves to play with Dada. Mom is a toleration, but Dada means fun.

10. When Dada sneaks in to tickle Dakin, he will always stop right before he touches him, and Dakin will always say 'dada'. Then the tickling commences. It's really cute.
11. Dakin doesn't eat a whole lot of any solid foods, but when he does, he doesn't like sweet things. He does love Cheeto puffs, Cracker Stix and couscous (just imagine the mess...he feeds it to himself lying down and it gets everywhere).
12. Dakin's very kissy. He will randomly blow me kisses.

13. He's started using the kisses to ask for he's trying to cute himself into getting what he wants.
14. When he needs help he will say 'mama'. He had just been screetching, but I couldn't handle it and we got him to start saying mama instead.

15. Dakin likes to sleep almost all the way on his tummy.

16. As I've said before, he is stubborn as the day is long, but has a very sweet side too.

17. He has a smile that, if the power were harnessed, would light every home in Texas for a decade.

18. He's learned he can be off the ventilator for a second or two and he's ok. He doesn't freak out on disconnection anymore.
19. His favorite TV shows are 1. Little Einsteins, 2. Handy Manny and 3. Toot and Puddle.

20. He enjoys being in his stander. He can go quite a while in it!

21. One of the funniest things he does is the 'no' he gives me by shaking his head when he first wakes up from a nap. The look on his face is priceless...I should try to get it on camera.

22. Though he's all toddler-independent man now, he will still occasionally snuggle with me. :)

23. He is very easily entertained. He is happier with a gauze wrapper (I know...) than he is with any of his toys.
24. He insists on having the water running if we're in the kitchen. (Sorry...I have talked to him about wasting water, but he doesn't seem to care).
25. He is joy embodied and the darn happiest kid I have ever seen.


Denise said...

I loved reading this. I feel like I know Dakin a little bit now. So sweet!!

Colleen said...

He sounds like such a sweet kid and such a joy! I'm glad you posted this so I could learn more about Dakin!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your handsome little man with us. What a cutie..

Stitch 'N Love said...

Sounds like he could give Zack a run for his money in the toddler arena! lol Still wrapping my head around the Rocket idea. I can see it in my brain, just gotta decide the best way to create it and get it to Texas. THAT's the hardest part. lol

Keri said...

I got a real joy out of reading 25 things about Dakin. I love all the little details. I just picture being there with him and seeing him do these things. Amazed how big he is getting and so quickly. He definitely is a little heart breaker. So HANDSOME!

The Gustafson Family said...

You forgot to mention how adorable he is!

Sara said...

Oh Devon, I loved reading that! Thank you!! One of my very favorite books when I was little was 'The Monster at the End of This Book', and as you know, my own little one is a huge fan of Sesame Street monsters! I think #17 is awesome, and I agree 100%!
Dakin is growing up so fast, he is beginning to look like a little boy now rather than a baby. So cute! Give him lots of hugs from Raia and I!

Dana said...

Loved getting to know Dakin better. He is such a sweet kid. Hope your having a good Sunday.

beth said...

What a little sweetheart..and growing up so fast! Such a handsome little boy! I loved, loved, loved getting to know some of the little things that make him tick!
Love, Aunt Beth

April said...

I love "The Monster at the end of this book" I'm so happy you got him a special stroller! That makes all the difference when going out is a little easier!

annalee said...

i'm so glad you shared these 25 things! what a fantastic guy dakin is!