Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Friday--Superman

Stupid flu. We are cancelling Dakin's birthday party--it's just too widespread.
This picture is kind of fun, even though Dakin has a weird face in it. This fabric, if you look closely, has a Superman pattern on it. I bought it before Dakin was born, thinking I would make a baby blanket out of it. Well, that attempt went up in flames due to the fact I just can't sew. I was going to take the project up again after he was born, but then my whole life went a little crazy.
Enter my friend Liz from church. She is a sewing maven, and graciously taught me how to do blankets on our day nurse's sewing machine. So I finally got to finish Dakin's Superman blanket.
See? I knew he was a superman before he was even born!


Heather said...

Love the blanket.Hate the flu as well.Just at the doctors today and he has officially put Zoey out of circulation.Just when we were tasting a bit of freedom.O well.It will be worth it if we can keep her healthy.I think the blanket is so appropriate as Dakin really is Superman or at least Superboy!

Junior said...

Love the blanket it is just perfect for your little superman

Sky said...

Im sorry you have to cancel his party, but I know how you feel, Skys in the first part of April and the flu is heavy for us that time of year. Give him a BIG bash this summer!!! Love the blanket, he sure is a doll Have a great weekend!!!

Monica English said...

Yeah, the flu this year has really put a cramp in my style. I'm pretty good at finding the balance between freaking out at every germ possibility and sucking on my child's binky to "clean" it (saw that at church sunday, Yuck) but this year home is our friend, I weigh everything I take Miss Tabs too with "Would this still be worth it if she got sick and had to spend a week or more getting over a pneumonia?" Stinks.

Mandy said...

I am sorry you had to cancel his party!! You still gotta celebrate with hats and blowers!! :) I hope this season passes quickly so you won't have to worry so much!! LOVE the blanket!! It fits him for sure!! He is SUPER!!

Dana said...

Good Job on the blanket.

Thanks for your post on my blog. To answer your questions Yes she can move her limbs some. When she was born she couldn't lift them at all. Now she can lift her arms from her hand to her elbow but not the whole arm. Her legs she cannot raise but she can kick, push herself inches on a scooter board. Her head is also getting stronger.

It just goes to show that no one can predict what these kids will be able to do.

Don't feel bad about venting. We all need to share our frustrations about daily struggles once in a while. It's hard when you know what could have been. Remember all is in our Father's hands.

Amanda said...

That is such cute fabric, Devon, I love it!

I'm so sorry you have to cancel his party. You can always reschedule it for a later date :)

Sara said...

I just stopped in to look at cute pics of Dakin again, LOL! Hope yall are doing ok!