Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I posted recently about the embryonic stem cell trials at UC Irvine. I am becoming more and more convinced that stem cell is going to be the only viable option for a treatment or cure for Dakin--what they do with these cells is astonishing. Basically, they go in and repair destroyed nerves. No one (NO ONE!!) in the US is researching SMARD, and in absence of any other treatment or cure for Dakin, this is the star we are hitching our wagon to. In light of this, I am announcing:

For the next three months, I will be actively attempting to lose weight for Dr. Keirstead's stem cell trials. This is a fundraiser, so I am asking that any and all capable of pledging to do so. You can do so in one of two ways:

1. Pledge to donate one dollar per pound that I lose, to a limit of 30 pounds/30 dollars (times are tough, I know!!!) At the end of November pledgers will be contacted with my final total, again, limiting to 30.00. You can contact me to pledge at poundoutsma@gmail.com
2. Donate a lump sum of whatever amount you would like right now. You can donate by credit card or personal check. For details, please check out Unite For the Cure's donation page. Please know that ONE HUNDRED percent of your donation will go to UC Irvine's Stem Cell program.

I am also looking for teammates, so if you're interested in raising money and losing weight, contact me!

Now for the fun stuff. I am hosting a giveaway to help raise awareness of Pound Out SMA/SMARD and Unite for the Cure. I have been making jewelry for almost three years, and frequently give it as gifts, so I thought I'd make up some earrings to give away. The first pair is hematite, the second rose quartz, and the third design is similar to the first, though using rose quartz and amethyst. My camera is awful, so please excuse my pics!!

How you can win--1 entry each:
1. Post about "Pound Out" SMA/SMARD and Unite for the Cure on your own blog, and post the link to me here.
2. Post about "Pound Out" SMA/SMARD and Unite for the Cure on Facebook and leave me the link.

3. Tweet about "Pound Out" SMA/SMARD and leave me the link.

Giveaway will be closed 9/15 at midnight, CST.
Thanks guys. Come on! Help a fat girl help her son to breathe without a machine!! Let's cure these awful diseases once and for all!


Jodie said...

This is so awesome! I know you can do it! I will definitely support you!

Devon said...

Thanks, Jodie!! You're awesome!

Sara said...

Awesome! I'm supporting Rita in her Weigh to Go for SMA, and I will do the same for you, $1 per lb! I would LOVE to be a teammate, I've got 15-20 lbs to lose as well. I was going to sign up with Rita, and when I posted about it on my blog and on FB no one seemed to want to support me :( BOOOO on them!
I love your jewelry, so I'm gonna need to enter in this little giveaway youve got going here ;)

Junior said...

Wonderful idea, we will support you.

BabinBlogger said...

ooooh!!! those earrings are beautiful. you are so talented! and what a great idea. okay, i pledge a dollar per pound for you devin!

Sara said...


i also put something on FB, but I dont know how to link that.

:) love to dakin!!

Caughey Family said...


Posted this page on the yahoo groups I belong to. I hope it helps even in a small way :D


Karen Kleiman said...

Hi, I posted his photo, his cute photo and the info in my blog, but I really don't mind about the contest, I want to help...but I can't find how to do this, if there is a kit to buy...please let me know how can I help?
I think from the bottom of my soul that you and your sweet boy are going to make it, you deserve it!