Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lockdown and Germ Control

Boo. I wasn't planning on going on 'lockdown' until the end of September, but the flu has gotten a jump on me: people around here are already getting sick. So lockdown begins, and we hold our breath until May.

Honestly, we don't do a whole lot more during cold/flu season than we do any other time--the main difference is that Dakin doesn't go to church anymore, and I start worrying. More than I do during the summer.

So our germ control consists of a whole long list of rules mainly orchestrated by yours truly. Here they are, for your perusal or amusement:
  • NO ONE comes in the house who is sick or has a family member who is sick
  • Shoes off upon house entry
  • Germ-X immediately upon entering the house
  • Keys, phones and whatever else anyone is carrying gets wiped down or stored in the 'dirty box' until that person leaves
  • If you or anyone in your house is sick you may not enter until the victim has been fever free for 24 hours or on antibiotics for 24 hours
  • If we leave the house, we change clothes upon re-entry
  • Therapists must change clothes unless we are the first stop of the day
  • People coming in are kept to an absolute minimum

And for cold/flu season we keep Dakin's outings to a smaller number, only going places where there are few people at specific times. We will go some places--obviously, doctor's visits. We will also be doing some holiday stuff, depending on how bad the flu gets around here. Sigh...I was hoping the summer would last a little longer...we do have one more special outing planned for tomorrow. One last summer hurrah before the worry really begins...


Ashley said...

This is a great check list! It had some stuff I had not thought of! Thank you so much for sharing!! Also wanted to ask you about home nursing...I know you said before you had some good pointers. We are about to start the process tomorrow so I would appreciate any guidance you have if/when you have time to email or chat!


Junior said...

Oh yes, lockdown has started for us as well.
Great list, a few I had not thought of and will be adding to my list.

Heather said...

Oh I am dreading this season.Especially with Zoey's immunity count being low.Our house is FILLED with people and that in and of itself scars me to death.the boys alone being in school is scary.I try to do most of the things you posted but honestly I feel like this year,for us,we are going to be lucky if we miss it all!Here's hoping and praying that all of us, with these fragile kids, miss it.

Greek Goddess said...

Good luck! Hope you stay healthy.

Whit, Lindsey, and Jonas said...

I think Jonas has attended his last church meeting as well. I really hope that this season isn't as bad as they predict. Have fun at your one last outing adventure!

Dana said...

Watch out for doctor's appointments as well. I keep those to a minimum as well. We have been fine and then gone to the doctor and boom we are admitted to the hospital. What appoinment besides the flu shot appointment can't wait for Spring?

Bless you heart you do tons of things I have never done. Good for you for sticking with it. Here's hoping the winter is wonderful and goes bye fast.

I homeschool but not with a set curriclum. I use a lot of the ideas off It would make good winter reading.:) I homeschool because it's best for my kids.

We have home nursing so if you need any help,just ask. We are on the East coast so it will be different. Good luck with nursing.

Mandy said...

That is a great check list Devon!! Mike works in the ER and said symptoms are already coming in!! You are a great mom to watch out for your little guy!! He is always amazed at the parents that bring their kids in that don't do these things, that bring them in without socks and coats in the winter!! Good luck we will be praying for everyone to stay healthy!!

princess jen said...

What a vigilant mommy you are! My SIL's baby had a heart transplant last August at 5 months old. She's now 17 months and doing well, but they're still super vigilant about no one touching her unless they are sanitized. Luckily, she's doing really well now.