Saturday, September 11, 2010


So it's been a few days. Again. And again, I apologize. Things just haven't picked up around here lately yet--it's still too freaking hot.

The only thing that HAS picked up is the little one's eating! We figured out that if we up his pressure support on his ventilator to 18, he will eat a TON more. Well duh--he can get a bigger breath, and bigger breath=more willing to eat. ('Cause he can breathe and all.)

Today he sucked down something like 40 ounces worth of volume, and about 37 of caloric intake. HUGE! He's never eaten that much in a day!

I'm pretty excited. If current trends continue, I'm hoping that the next time we go to vent clinic they won't talk about how he's skinny, and the nutritionist won't find something to fuss about.

Anyhoo, starting next week we have some cool stuff going on. More then!


Sky said...

you go Dakin!!!! That is an awesome amount of food little man! I know how you feel about seeing the nutritionist ( ours drives me CRAZY) I hope he keeps it up (:

Junior said...

Way to go Dakin, that is awesome.

April said...

HOORAY! So glad he's eating well! Keep it up cute guy!

Azure said...

Good job, Dakin! Chow down!!!!!