Friday, September 24, 2010

If You Give Dakin a Marker...

You end up with this:
Our OT extraordinaire came up with the idea of using his old IV pole to rig up a thingy that would enable him to lift his arms. He loves it! Unfortunately, he has decided to use this newfound ability for evil and proceeded to color all over his face today.
This pic isn't great, but it more or less shows the setup. And yes, that is a skeleton mat in the back...I'm a little early--don't judge me.

Oh, and he was such a pill as he was coloring on himself. I told him multiple times to quit and made him say sorry. One time I turned around right after he had just barely gotten done saying sorry, and he was at it again, with a big old smile on his face--as if to say, "neener neener."

Only six more weeks of the terrible twos...they're lovely and well-behaved at three, right?!

*edited to add (thanks, Dana!) that despite my griping, I am thrilled that he can color all over himself. It is truly a blessing. And in the midst of scolding him, I was trying my best not to laugh. It was a precious moment.


Kristy said...

I love that smile! And, if only 3 was better, but it was not so here, with the oldest at least. I also love that you have creative people helping Dakin do wonderful things like color on his face. :)

Junior said...

He is just so cute. Dakin you are supposed to color on the paper not your face. Lol, hugs

Kristen said...

Ahh...How can you make him say sorry when he looks so HAPPY!! : )

Colleen said...

What a little stinker=) He looks so cute with that smile and marker on his face!

April said...

All little boys must color all over themselves at least once right? SO CUTE!

Dana said...

OH, Yea it happends over night. They are magically good just like that. :)

Aren't you a little bit happy that he can be a normal two year old.

These are the precious memories that one day we will laugh at and love.

I am bad about getting to upset in the moment instead of enjoying it. They are washable.

Dana said...

O.k. so after I commented on here about you trying to see the humor in it, Laneah decided to do the same thing. She got a lecture on her body being a temple (which she understood). :)

It's funny but it's not at the same time.

Then during conference she was coloring and instead of writing on herself, she wrote all over the burp cloth I had places to keep her shirt marker free.

BTW----Does Dakin need holders for his markers, to make reaching markers easier?