Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dakin Goes Underwater

No, really. But before he did, we had an appointment with Dr. I, the neurologist. She says he looks terrific, and so I brushed my nails on my shoulder and we headed to the power wheelchair people, who fitted Dakin in his brand new chair! But more on that tomorrow... After that we headed to the Dallas World Aqarium and Zoo, which is, in a word, awesome. I can add more: unbelievable, fantastic, brilliant. Here's Dakin in front of the waterfall:
And in front of the manatees. He really liked this part...he seemed fascinated by them.
And now the underwater part:
Yes, Dakin was underwater for the very first time. Did you really think I had dunked him?
He absolutely LOVED this little fish tube.
He kept looking up, so I tilted his chair back so he could see better. I think he could have spent all day in there. We were lucky in that a scuba diver dropped in and started feeding the fish. He kept waving at Dakin, who kept telling the diver 'hi.' Dakin loved it!
We finally fished (this is what little sleep will do to you, sorry...) ourselves out of the fish tube and moved on. There was a shark tube as well, but we didn't get any great pics. There was, however, a jaguar who couldn't have cared less that Dakin was on the other side of the glass from him. For you newbies, Dakin's next to Jane, our day nurse.
So basically, it was an amazing trip. We got to eat lunch in a rainforest, go scuba diving with angelfish and sharks, and visit Madagascar. I have been so looking forward to this trip...I'm glad we finally got to go!
I loved watching him so fascinated, especially in that fish tube.
"Days like this are few and far between..." (Yes, I'm quoting the Imagination Movers. I just thought the sentiment fit.)


Junior said...

Dakin it looks like you had a wonderful day.

I just love those big excited smiles.

Lacey said...

Devon, what a wonderful blog you have here. I've enjoyed reading about Dakin. I look really forward to getting to know the 2 of you better (from your blog and in person). I'll keep checking back! :-)