Monday, August 23, 2010


I know it's been a bit since I posted last, and I apologize...we've just been doing our end-of-summer thing. Hoping to have more to post about soon!

I was thinking tonight, though, and thought I'd share something that's been on my mind. Sundays at church I play the piano for the kids' lesson. This last Sunday the topic was miracles--namely the one Jesus performed of healing and raising from the dead. They talked about Lazarus and the daughter of Jairus, as well as a few others I can't remember, probably because I had a little person who was distracting me.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this, and I shared some of my thoughts with the kiddos. I wanted to share them in entirety here.

Do I wish Dakin could be healed? Could walk? Of course I do. I often wonder why there are so many others who are healed of their infirmities but my son won't be. It makes me angry sometimes. Sometimes it makes me sad.

But you see, Dakin is a rather special little boy. Despite all his difficulties and hardships, he smiles. He radiates joy. He is the single bravest soul I have ever met.

So I am led to believe that while others are healed--and that is the miracle--Dakin is different.

Dakin is the miracle. He is the miracle in what he teaches others about themselves, in what he inspires them to be. He teaches them to be better, to love more, give more, to understand the pure joy of small moments. He teaches smiling when the only thing one wants to do is cry. He teaches others patience. Perseverance. Happiness. Laughter. Light.


Am I jealous of Jairus? Of course. I think I would be loony not to be. But in considering it now, I suppose it is pretty darn special to have a living, breathing miracle asleep in the next room. Wonder how I got that lucky.


Greek Goddess said...

Beautifully said. Wise words for all of us. Thank you.

Colleen said...

So true! They are the ones who teach us about what really matters in life. To love, laugh and smile even when life gets tough.

Rubypat said...

I, too, have been blessed with a miracle! Your special boy is so beautiful, and I know he must draw people to him, and make them think of all the miracles we witness daily. God bless.

Stitch 'N Love said...

You are so right. Dakin is a miracle and an inspiration to everyone he meets. And, my sweet friend, so are you an inspiration. You have strength that you never thought you possessed and can handle the storms that you have been sent. Love all of you!

TMI Tara said...

This made me cry big giant crocodile tears filled with gratitude for you, faith, and happiness to "know" Dakin and to have a little miracle of my own. So special. So poignant. Thank you.

I'm sharing it on kidz this Sunday unless you object!

Dana said...

I get it! Beautifully said. Now if you have the movie "The Testaments" go watch it. See the part when the Savior comes and heals Helum. That will be our kids healing someday.

They will be healed just in a different way and in a different time.

IT will happend.

What will it be like to see them walk, run?

Laneah's name came from this movie. I bawl EVERY time I watch it. I tell her that one day she too will be "healed"

Zoey's mom said...

This was a beautiful post.Just beautiful.

These little miracles,that have graced our lives with their presence,bless us in ways that we could never,ever convey to others.

Thank you for this.

April said...

Oh that made me teary- We are blessed that we get to have miracles in our midst....

lidia,maddisons mum said...

devon you are a wonderful women and wonderful mom.

you word every feeling i have,i to have have my own little miracle and like you im am so proud.