Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, kind of. You see, we have been undergoing something of a major heat wave here in Texas. It has been supremely hot. Epically hot. Biblical even.

Well, the meteorologist predicted a 'cool front.' That means that instead of being 115, it was 105 today. This morning, though, was actually kind of pleasant, and so we ventured outside for the first walk we've had in months. It was great...I have been suffering from major cabin fever, so it was nice to be in the breeze and sun, even if it was still pretty dang hot.

And what's more, Dakin enjoyed it. He loves being outside. Bring on fall!!! We want to go back out!


BLove said...

It was 78* here today!

Zoey's mom said...

Love the look of the blog and that face of your cutie pie!

Hoping for a break in the heat but happy that Mr.Dakin is handling it well!

Jenny said...

Hi! My name is Jenny. In fact, I think a long long time ago you found my blog. Do you remember this? Anyway...I have visited your blog from time to time and have enjoyed seeing little Dakin. I love that video of him saying "Mommy." Oh, not much in the world sweeter than that word.

I've been working on a project for awhile now. I talked to Tara about it, and she's in. But she told me today that she forwarded the information on to you also...and I was thrilled because I kind of somewhat know you!:) But I didn't feel like I knew you well enough to approach you with this project. As to avoid making this comment an email...please read what she sent over, think about it, pray about it if you need to, and email me. We'll connect then and discuss it. If it's not for you, that's ok. I 100% respect that. This is a personal subject. But if you do decide to do it, I guarantee you are joining rank of amazing people who will share testimony, strength, hope, and faith to (hopefully) many many many people. Get in touch with me when you've read it and thought through it!

~ jenny