Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recap/Completely Clueless

Just an ordinary week...but for journaling's sake, of course I need to write it all down. :) At least Friday, anyway.

Friday we had a novel experience. We had gone to check out a local handicap-accessible park. On our way out, all of a sudden Dakin is being offered rocks by a little boy. This little boy, who was a few months younger than Dakin, was very earnestly attempting to play with Dakin. We steered him clear of handing him the rocks--germ risk, you know--but let Dakin 'play' with him for a while.

The thing of it was, this little boy didn't even blink an eye at Dakin's trach/circuit/everything. Didn't look twice. Didn't stare. Didn't ask. He just wanted to play with Dakin.

It was wonderful. He was completely and totally oblivious. Beautiful. I hope we see this little guy again. I really want Dakin to be able to play--and I am hoping next spring, with one more no-illness winter, that we can breathe a little easier and let a little loose.

The rest of the morning we spent outside (YES!! OUTSIDE!! It wasn't ten bijillion degrees out!!), playing with Dakin's remote control car and blowing bubbles. It was great.

Anyhoo. Just wanted to share that.

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Colleen said...

It's so nice that his new friend could see Dakin for the sweet boy he really is instead of focusing on the tubes. I just wish the grown ups could do that sometimes=)