Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not A Whole Lot...

So I haven't had a whole lot to blog about recently--it's been pretty run-of-the-mill around these parts recently. Dakin spent about 20 minutes tonight blowing raspberries and making us all laugh. His little smile is so sweet--he knows when he is funny and loves to make us laugh. I love that little smile--it is a little ray of glorious, warm sunshine. I wish I could package it and sell it. I'd be a rich woman.

Watching him tonight, I was struck again by what a miracle he is. There are so many things that by nature of his disease he probably shouldn't be able to do, but does anyway. He is beautiful, smart, stubborn, and so happy. I don't know that he would be the same child without SMARD. He is so much more than I ever could have hoped for, and I am so blessed to have him.

He had scooched down on my lap, and I thought it might be a good opportunity to capture his eyelashes.


Sky said...

oh I just love love love your little man, so cute

Junior said...

such a cutie

Mandy said...

Oh Devon this video of him is so cute!! He is such a happy little guy!! You're right he is adorable and he is just going to continue to exceed all expectations!!

Victoria Strong said...

He is such a sweet little love! His smile could melt ice! His singing is just beautiful. And those lashes...oh, those lashes!!!

ritesh said...


your boy is very very sweet and cute and i really believe is very intelligent and naughty.
May God bless him.

Ritu n Ritesh