Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vent Clinic


So, like we always do, we packed up and headed out at 7 ish to drive our two and a half hours to Dallas. After checking in and on our way out of the parking lot I managed to back into a car. Yay me. So Dakin entertained himself by watching Little Einsteins on the iPad and the nurse by playing on her iPhone while I waited for the police. Yay fun. That was fortunately over quickly and we got to the fun stuff..

The aquarium!!!

We thought that since it is like the temperature of the sun outside that the aquarium might be a good visit again. And it was. There were a million kids the with various groups, but the leaders were all very considerate of Dakin and made the kids move so he could see in the stingray petting tank. And when they cleared out, magic happened. We hiked him up, stuck his little hand in the water and he got to touch them too. He loved it and kept saying "more!" every time we talked about it after. He also enjoyed looking in the shark tank.

Back to vent clinic, where Dakin knew he was getting blood drawn and therefore had a freakout fest. But other than that, all looked good- well, other than the fact his pulmonologist told me his scoliosis is getting worse....well, sir, tell me something I don't already know.

It all went well and we got out super early. Yay and we will be back in October.

One thing did strike me though...something that underscores our new normal. This is how the conversation went:
Dr. G (pulm): so, any bleeding from the trach?
Me: yeah, a little, but we were out of town for a weekend.
G: treat it with antibiotics?
Me: nah, it was only because he was on an HME and it cleared right up.
G: Ok.

So here I am, talking about the fact that my son's LUNGS WERE BLEEDING like it was nothing. Like we were talking about the weather. And he was totally fine with how we handled it.

So yeah. This shows a few things: one, how casual this stuff has become for me. And two: how much our docs trust me. Which is wonderful. But still weird.


Valerie said...

I'm glad things went so well.

Colleen said...

Isn't it amazing how casual those conversations get? Dakin must've made you stronger than you ever imagine you could be!