Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trip of a Lifetime

Last weekend we had an unbelievable opportunity to go see my grandmother, who has never met Dakin. He is her only great-grandchild and she has been wanting to see him for a very long time.

So we met up in Sikeston, Missouri, near where I used to live up there. It was a very, very long 9 hour drive up, but Dakin did great, sitting up in his back brace pretty much the entire time. He also watched Cars about three times, but it kept him happy, so...yeah. He watched that movie probably about 15 times over the course of the weekend, but that is another story.

And here we are!! Dakin and Gramma.

Dakin and Aunt Beth.

We had a ton of fun that weekend, mostly sitting around in the hotel room and playing and talking. I hadn't seen my aunt or my grandmother for years, and it was wonderful to get to hug them both again. We also got to go to Lambert's Cafe, a funny place my husband and I always enjoyed going to when we lived there...they throw rolls at you. Amazing rolls...but again, another story. We waited an hour and 45 min to get in, but it is so so worth it, and to kill time we went down to the outlet mall. Dakin had a blast looking around the kitchen store and checking to make sure where Aunt Beth was every few minutes. (He pings people if he can't see them).

I am so glad Dakin finally got to meet Gramma. It was a trip well worth it to see her smile. It was also great to see how far we have come...a few years ago we never would have dreamed we could make a trip like that, especially without a nurse. But it went fabulously.

We love you, Gramma and Aunt Beth!


Valerie said...

What a wonderful trip! So glad you got to visit. It sounds like a big accomplishment to make such a long trip.

I recently saw a recipe online for those rolls, but I've never been there. Sounds yummy!

Junior said...

Such a special trip. Loved seeing Dakin with his great grandma.

Victoria Strong said...

So, so, so special. I am so glad you all got to do this trip. There is nothing like seeing your child with your grandparent.

April said...

What a memorable trip-- priceless.

beth said...

I have finally been able to see this..we've been out of power for 4 days :(
You chose some good pics and your narrative makes me cry and want to have you across the hall again! Gramma and I love you all, too, and hope we can do it again soon! Tell Dakin I use my green spoon all the time but I'm jealous he has the smiley face one :)