Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Dakinisms

Old McDonald had farm EIEIO and this farm he had a bedroom EIEIO with a mommy there mommy there color there color there Old McDonald had farm EIEO and this farm he had a blanket EIEIO with a lie down there lie down there Old McDonald had farm EIEIO and this farm he had a truck EIEIO with driving there driving there driving there old McDonald had farm EIEIO.

As you can see, Dakin has been really into songs lately. He learns them in a flash and likes to put his own little spin on them. Today's was "Puff the Magic Dragon."

The other night we were 'camping', which means we were in his room playing. I took the scarf that I had been using to play pirate off my head and hades it to Dakin. He gathered it around his little head and said, "Captain Dakin!"

That same night he said Big Dakin and I were 6 years old, his nurse Jane is 17 and his Speech Therapist is 18.

He is developing such a little personality. I love hearing what he is thinking!!


That gentleman's lady said...

Your sweet little boy. He seems so full of joy and vibrance.

Bethany said...

Dakin, I love your version of Old MacDonald - it is very creative and sounds like a farm I would like to visit!! I bet you make a great pirate! I used to love to ask my students who could talk how old they thought I was, it was always comical. :)My 6 year old niece still insists I am a teenager (I turn 30 next month).