Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, since summer has officially made its wilting presence known, we are playing hide inside. It is too freaking hot in this state. I love it here, love everything about it except for this time of year and the inevitable insects that come along with it. Sigh.

Anyhoo, on that note we haven't done too much lately, but have had a lot of changes. Probably the biggest one has been in Dakin's may remember that last time we went to vent clinic they said he hadn't gained enough weight, which I attributed to the fact spring had hit and he was all stuffed up and couldn't breathe all that well to eat also. Well, all that has changed and due to the boosting they told us to do (in the form of heavy cream in his yogurt, etc.)and the fact that he resumed eating normally, the pig-boy has gained three pounds in the last 2.5 months. For example. Yesterday, he ate thirty ounces of yogurt, an easy mac cup, 4 ounces of Carnation Instant Breakfast in his milk AND like 9 ounces of water. I don't know where he is putting it.

But with that increased eating we have started trying to branch out on the foods he eats. So today, we tried a quesadilla...he ate an entire quarter of it! Doesn't seem like much, but for a kid who they said might have to do inpatient feeding programs or (SHUDDER AND QUAKE) replace the nose feeding tube (OVER MY COLD, DEAD CORPSE), this is a big accomplishment. BOO YAH.

Let's see, what else? We finally got the right seating system for Dakin's powerchair...maybe he can actually use it now. And yesterday we found a big freaking hole in his trach. So we need a new one. Good times. I told you nothing was going on.

But, for your enjoyment, a picture. I took this in front of the garden I was helped plant, grow and was entrusted with when the owners went away. It's all big and overgrown now and partially dying in this hellish heat, but it produced enough okra, beans, tomatoes, freaking zucchini and pumpkins to feed a small ex-Soviet bloc country.


The Herrera's said...

GO DAKIN!! Eat it on up!!

Kristen said...

Glad to hear that Dakin is doing so well. Eat up boy! We want to see you grow and thrive!! : )

Bethany said...

Way to go Dakin with your eating!!! That is awesome!!! Just wait until you taste all of the great foods waiting for you!! You prove those doctors wrong and show them that you are going to grow without any new accessories!! Also so glad you finally have seating done on your power chair so you can really start using it!! Look out world!!

April said...

Way to go Dakin! Keep munching away!!