Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Climb For Silas

You might be wondering who this handsome fella is. Well, his name is Gus, and he is amazing. His mother works for the Jackson Laboratory, the lab with whom we have been working to fund SMARD research. Upon hearing about Dakin's buddy Silas, Gus decided that he wanted to do something to help.

You see, Gus is a mountain climber. He loves it. And he is turning that passion into a cause...Climb for Silas. In the month of July, Gus will be climbing TWENTY FIVE mountains in Maine to raise money to help SMARD research at the Jackson Lab. Twenty five peaks he will summit to get us closer to a cure.

He went climbing the other day and took Dakin and Silas along, as you can see from the pics above (the last is Gus' pirate face for Dakin!). He had wanted to go the day before, but weather prevented a climb that day. This is what he emailed to Dakin:

Dear Dakin,
I could not bring you to the top of the mountain today because we got rained out.
But tomorrow we will be hiking another mountain called Norumbega Mountain. It has a very steep trail called Goat Trail and you get to see a few ponds. I will send you pictures tomorrow.
From Gus aka SMARD hiker

Gus is not just taking Dakin and Silas to the top of the mountain. His compassion and determination are taking us all there. With buddies like him, SMARD has no chance.

If you are interested in supporting Gus' Climb for Silas-Make SMARD Take a Hike, please let me know and I can put in you in contact with The Lab. 100% of all donations go to SMARD research at the Jackson Laboratory.


Shannon said...

wow what an amazing boy! His parents must be so proud of the kind of boy they are raising. A true inspiration!!

Ann Sargent Slayton said...

Gus...thanks for this important work. Your commitment, persistence, dedication and energy are an inspiration. Kudos!

Hattie's Mama

Jodie said...

That totally made me cry! What an awesome boy Gus is!