Monday, May 9, 2011

Storm Stories

It's that time of year again in East Texas. Tornado season. Super fun. But anyhoo, a week or so ago found us with serious storms heading our way, and of course anything like this is a major production for us, as evidenced by the above photo. What you don't see is the batteries and things against the other walls of the bathroom.

The time the sirens went off we headed into the hallway. You can see how torn up about the move Dakin was...he thought playing in the hallway was the best thing ever.
Until he got to play in the bathtub! We moved in the bath area the second time the sirens went off. It was pretty stressful, but thankfully our power did not go out (for once) and Dakin had a good time of it.

We are sadly aware, though, of the destruction and tragedy those same storms caused east of us, and pray the families affected will have comfort and peace.

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Junior said...

so scary. Dakin's smile is priceless, love it.