Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This last weekend Dakin and I had an adventure...we got to meet a good friend who I had never actually seen or talked to in person. Her name is Sara, and she is amazing.
I don't remember exactly how we met...I think she found this blog through another SMA family's site. What I do remember is how she immediately made herself known to us and grew to be a dear friend. She has been a staunch supporter of SMA and SMARD research, helping not only us but other families raise money. Sara is one of the most compassionate and giving people I have ever had the opportunity to call friend.
Getting to meet her, her husband and her sweet daughter was a privilege. And now that I know they are so close, I am going to make sure we spend more time with them.
I know I have mentioned this before, but in a situation like we have with Dakin you learn without a doubt who your true friends and family are. Sara is one of these. I am so lucky that she crossed my path. So so lucky to call her friend.


Sara said...

Oh Devon, you have me here in tears! I am the one who is blessed to call YOU guys friends!! It was such an honor and a privilege to meet you and Dakin - something I never thought would happen since you have to be so careful with germs and such. We must, MUST get together as often as possible, dear friend!!

Sara <3

Jordan'z Mommie! said...

He's so happy!! :)