Sunday, May 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never

And we are still having technical issues...don't know why. So this is only half an Easter post. And not in chronological order either. But here you go. We start with our egg hunt in the backyard, which Dakin really enjoyed. This was the first year he got the concept of the Easter Bunny and was looking forward to him coming. Ignore the weeds.

I have no idea what this was about.
Dakin was so funny, pointing out the eggs as he found them. So cute. We came back inside to find that the Easter Bunny had delivered his basket, filled with all kinds of goodies. Matchbox cars, a Cars book, a popcorn rock (put it in vinegar and it grows crystals), and Dakin's very own pocket volcano (between it, egg-dyeing and the vinegar rock the entire house smelled like vinegar all weekend). He also got a Big Bad Wolf puppet to go with his new book.
He enjoyed it so much this year I can't wait for Christmas!!
The day before we dyed eggs. Dakin was really into that too this year.

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Sky said...

you could post pictures of him every day, he is such a doll!