Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dakin By The Numbers-Today

330: miles we drove today.
9: hours Dakin stayed in his back brace with just a 15 minute break. (YEEE!!! This is HUGE!)
1.25: tanks of gas.
95: degrees it was outside.
0: times he had to be suctioned while we were gone.
0: number of times I dripped midnight truffle blizzard on my new white pants (win!)
2: hours we got to spend with a sweet sweet friend.
4: number of years I have known this sweet friend.
0: times I have met her in person, until now. You see, she is one of those amazing Pumpkin Patch women who have endeared themselves for life to me with their friendship.
At least 35: pictures she took of Dakin while doing our photo shoot.
Kajillion: where I am on a scale of one to ten excited to see the photos!
At least 30: number of times he made the pirate face while she was shooting.
1: week I wish I had to hang out with her more.
Six or seven million: number of times Dakin watched the Handy Manny race car episode to and from.
12.5: hours he stayed up without a nap.
995,345/995,345: my happiness level.

We had a wonderful time today with my friend, who is an amazing, amazing photographer. Her work is stunning, and I am thrilled she photographed Dakin. I am also overjoyed to meet another of the wonderful women who supported me so much during some of the darkest times of my life. It was a privilege to meet you on person finally, Azure, and hope we get to seen you again soon!

PS, you just have to check out her website. I am doing this on the iPad and so can't do hyperlinks because I don't speak HTML, but check her out, Awesome.


Junior said...

sounds like a perfect day, can't wait to see pics from the photo shoot.

Sara said...

Awesome indeed! Did she fly here from OR?! I can't WAIT to see Dakin's pirate face again - HA! Love you guys <3 And I love the fact that we have gotten even closer since finally meeting in person :)
Love ya!!

Sara said...

P.S. I loved the numbers post, I just got so excited about the pics that I forgot to say so!! Seriously...NO suctioning?! That's awesome!! And he was in his brace FOR-EVAH!!! <3
Love you!!

April said...

What a fun post! Hooray for dear friends! Can't wait to see pictures!