Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Around

We had an interesting afternoon that I wanted to jot down really quickly. We headed over to the church so we could practice in Dakin's power chair (large gym with a nice perfectly level surface, unlike our street!!). We met our Physical Therapist there, and Dakin got to zooming around. It's amazing how much easier it is for him to use the head control in the gym.

Our PT made arrangements for our new power chair company rep to meet us there, and get his take on whether or not Dakin should switch from a head control to a joystick.

Dakin was having none of that.

He tilted his little golden-haired head to the side head control, made the wheelchair turn around 180 degrees, and went the other way. He ran away from him!

It was hilarious. I am so glad Dakin gets to do stuff like that.


Junior said...

sooooo funny, go Dakin!!!

The Herrera's said...

hahahahahahaha!!! I love it!

Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

HEEHEEE HEEEE!! Oh this makes me laugh because pres acts the same!! "can i wipe your nose pres?" She holds her head high ever so confidently and takes off!!!! She thinks if she pushes the joystick harder it will go faster so she practically breaks the thing! HAHAA! I love that he can get away!

Bethany said...

Dakin, you are too cool! I love your attitude and your independence and desire to do things your way and on your terms!

Anonymous said...

Been there done that. It was in February as well. Thank goodness for the church's gym. Glad he's loving things. Can you share more about how his Ipod helps him? I am not very aware of what they can do.