Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Jet and Junior!

If you aren't familiar with Little Einsteins (and really, who isn't nowadays, right? Joke.) you might not know who Big Jet is. He is the nemesis of the show, always trying to mess with the Little Einsteins and Rocket.

Dakin loves him. I mean loves him. He will go on and on about "Three booster Big Jet" and "Big Jet take animal snacks. Far far away. Poor baby animals. Tummy hungry" and on and on...and on...and on. You get the picture. Anyway, here he is for real. He's the big jet in the picture (*wink*). And here is Dakin's rendition of him. In this portrayal Big Jet has his three boosters out (that's the little spiral right below the plane).

Anyway, though you might enjoy some of Dakin's art. And speaking of art, go check out Junior's blog. He is a finalist in an art contest out of over 400 entries!! His art is amazing! Go Junior!


Jodie said...

What a little artist you have!

Junior said...

Dakin I love your Big Jet picture.

Devon, thanks so much for your kind words about Junior's art.

Bethany said...

Dakin, what a great little artist you are!! I can totally see Big Jet with his boosters in your picture!