Thursday, February 10, 2011

More For Me

This is another one of those 'more for me than anyone else' posts. Just some of Dakin's cutenesses.

1. He has been on a tyrant kick lately, being three and all, and he has been telling people "no laughing." The other night we were in his room playing and he commanded his night nurse to stop laughing, so I told him, "What if I said no laughing to Dakin? No laughing Dakin!" To which he replied, "ha ha ha." (Of course we busted up and he got really mad, but that's another story)

2. That same night he was playing with his plastic giraffe and I had his anklyosaur in my hand. He got their muzzles close together and made kissing noises. I don't know where he gets this stuff!!

3. Yesterday morning I went in to wake him up and he told me, "Go away, Mommy."

4. This afternoon I was trying to wake him up from his nap by snuggling him on the couch (it was wonderful!!!). I told him to open up his eyes, and he told me "leeping eye"--translation: sleeping eyes.

OK. Glad I got that all recorded.


Junior said...

Dakin I love your silliness.

Colleen said...

What a character! He's got quite a personality!

Bethany said...

Dakin, you have a personality that literally radiates out from your three year old self! I love your leeping eyes and your sense of humor!