Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toddlerhood is wonderful

I am absolutely reveling in how entrenched Dakin is in being a toddler. Over the last few weeks he has really embraced it--(mini) tantrums and all. Here's a few examples:

1. He has taken to echoing what people say. Tonight, we were watching Iron Chef and I said 'eyeball', and of course he picked up on the word 'ball' and started saying it (really more of a 'bow', but we know what he means). He even got an 'eyeball' (mostly) out. I said 'yippee' the other day and he has been enthralled with that--"Mama? Ipee." It's his new favorite word.

2. Along those same lines, he is saying 'ow.' If someone says 'ouch' he will start in with 'ow'--the funnier part of it is when he's watching Dada play his racing game. If Dada flips the car on the screen Dakin declares 'ow.' It's pretty amusing.

3. He is into everything, as much as he can be. If I put something even remotely near him, he's trying to get it.

4. Of course, he's still all in with 'ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma'. All day.

5. He will throw minor tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

Anyhoo...just what I was thinking about tonight. I am so grateful I get to watch Dakin be a toddler. It is truly a joy to watch.


Junior said...

Go Dakin, so cool to hear how he is such a typical toddler

Kristen said...

So glad to hear that you are having good days and enjoying toddlerhood!