Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spencer's Birthday

Last week Dakin was invited to his very first birthday party! It was for Spencer, the son of our across the street neighbors and dear friends. We have come to love Spencer--he is a sweet boy and we are glad to have got to go. Nichole, Spencer's mom, told me that as they were choosing a location for the party, one of the utmost concerns was making sure Dakin could come and that there were swings available for him to swing in. Evidently Spencer was very excited to get to swing with Dakin...and here they are.
We had a blast, despite the heat and humidity. Dakin got to color a pinata bag, pretend to drink from a Capri Sun, watch Spencer open his presents, and hit a Hulk-themed pinata. He LOVED that.
Happy 4th birthday, Spencer! We love you!!


Junior said...

Dakin it looks like you had a wonderful time.

Colleen said...

How fun. Those swings look great for Dakin to swing in.

Sara said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! Happy Birthday Spencer!!


Praying for baby Ella, she is just precious <3