Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deciphering Dakin

For the's a brief Dakinese dictionary.

la la --color or yellow, depending on context
bow--brown or blue, depending on context
ra ra--rocket
eeee--green or please, depending on context
pa paaaa--purple
yeah yeah--yeah/yes
ah dah--hot dog
uh oh--uh oh
oh no--oh no
ba baaa--butterfly
weird gagging noise--I need to be suctioned
chomping jaws--I want to eat or someone else is eating
looking at someone's shoulder--I want you to hold me
vrrm vrrm--motor vehicle or I want to get in my chair, depending on context
da da
ma ma
daaah/oof oof--dog
moo with funny cow face-cow
kisses--sorry, or, if combined with the sign language gesture for thank you, thank you. It can also just be kisses

There you go...that's all I can think of at the moment. He's also started with a 'yo-e yo-e yo-e' whose meaning has not as of yet been determined.

Thank you all for your well wishes. Dakin hasn't been on 02 the last two nights--keep you fingers crossed! It really is just looking like a case of overexertion/overstimulation.


Junior said...

this is great, wow Dakin you have lots of words

Denise said...

That little guy of yours is just amazing!! I can't believe how much he has accomplished in that last year that I have been following you guys. Keep up the good work Dakin (and the O2 also)

April said...

What an amazing vocabulary! I love it!