Monday, May 17, 2010

Aunt Carla

So I have kind of fallen off the blogger wagon recently. I don't know why...we have just been busy, I suppose. I haven't even blogged about Aunt Sharon's visit a few weeks ago (I'm sorry, Sharon!!!!), but I thought I'd start trying to redeem myself by at least blogging about Aunt Carla's visit the other day. Aunt Carla is Dada's sister, and we loved having her here! Here are some pics--no, Dakin's eye is not bruised--he managed to color all over himself again--shocker. In the middle one I had noticed it and wiped it off!!


Victoria Strong said...

These are gorgeous! Such a beautiful big boy!!! Big hugs!!!

Junior said...

Beautiful pictures, Dakin Junior thinks your superman shirt is very cool.

Anonymous said...

hello dakin family, we are a french family with a little boy (8 months) who have the same disease SMARD1. The smile of your beautiful boy has been important for us (we ha ve 3 chidren 10,7 and 8 months).

I will be happy to have somme email communication with you if it is possible. excuse me for my french english!! my email is or