Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last RSV shot

When I started The Daily Dakin, I did so in hopes of being able to be helpful to others in similar positions to ours. I hoped to be able to be somewhere that newly diagnosed SMARD families could find and connect--something we had a hard time doing when Dakin was diagnosed. I wanted to offer them friendship and fellowship, or a shoulder to cry on.

While I feel that aim has been, and is, largely being accomplished, this blog has become something else to me as well. It's become a companion on our journey with Dakin and his extraordinary-ness. It's become a journal, a place for me to record the bits and pieces of our life and the joy he brings us. It has brought me a lot of peace.

So I apologize if things get repetitive sometimes. I just feel a need to write everything down. I know some of the things I write about seem so silly--going on a walk, eating out. And it may be silly, but these are huge things to us, and bits of the mosaic that make up our lives. I want all those things recorded. Forgive me the repetitiveness.

Anyhoo...that being said, I wanted to report on our trip to Dallas the other day. It was Dakin's last RSV shot, and he cried from the moment we rolled into the office. Not fun. He looked at me like I had betrayed him...

It's done, though. We probably won't get another one.

After, we had lunch at Ziziki's, a Greek restaurant. I ran in first and explained the situation, and the hostess helped me wipe down the table. They were so nice to us...I love when they do that. They brought Dakin some crayons and a kids' menu, and he was happy as a clam while we waited. Our day nurse Jane had the great idea of bringing one of his books, and so while we ate, he looked at his book and nibbled on pita.


Junior said...

awww poor Dakin, Junior also hates shots.
Happy Valentines Day

Lucy and Ethel said...

When Cindy ('Ethel') and I started the blog, we hoped to make some much-needed money.


After seeing the efforts the actual money-making bloggers put out to keep the money rolling in, though, we realize we just enjoy writing it. We've met so many great folks because of it, including more in the SMA family.

We'll just have to find another way to make some much-needed money :)


Valerie said...

You forgot to mention that your blog has also helped educate people like me who have never heard of SMARD. I wouldn't apologize for journaling EVERYTHING! I know I've said it before, but I just can't get over how totally adorable your little guy is.

Mandy said...

Devon you do a wonderful job and I love hear about all that he is doing!! I am like you it has been such an amazing place for me to meet such great people and support one another I love it but mostly for me it is a journal and printing it up is even better!! My kids love me to read it to them!! It has become so much of my journal time it helps me and brings peace to my heart and life into perspective!! He is such a cutie and I am glad I have gotten to know you in a small way you are a wonderful mom to this amazing little guy!! Thank you for sharing!

Amanda said...

Ohhh, I LOVE greek food! I haven't found any good places to get it around here though :(.

It's your blog and you get to put up what you want to. I don't think you ever get repetitive or boring. You do what you need to do.