Friday, February 19, 2010

Idea Gathering

Hi all! OK, so I have done my research, and we now have a number on what we would need to get a handicap-accessible van for Dakin. Yee hah! It's nowhere near as much as I was envisioning. Now we're looking at about 33,000.

Obviously, we can't raise that much. But what I'm thinking is that if we can raise as much as possible, it would help the monthly payment.

So what I'm asking for are your ideas. What fundraisers have helped you out? Low overhead and large income? If you have a good idea, please please let me know!

I do have a few little things up my sleeve, and I will be posting about them later...


Valerie said...

I did a bake sale for a friend's baby and had lots of support and donations from ward members. We did pretty well.

My brother is planning a fundraiser right now and part of it will be photos of children on a pony. He has a friend who owns a pony and is letting him do it for free and a friend is taking pics for free so they only have to pay for the picture to be printed. Maybe you can find someone who would do the same thing given the purpose.

I hope you are able to buy it soon! It sounds like it would make a big difference for you and your family. Let me know if there's something I could do from Utah.

Stitch 'N Love said...

Ummm, having items sold for a fundraiser? All proceeds go to your fund? Local penny drive? He loves art, hold an art contest!

beth said...

Spaghetti dinner at church? My friend raised quite a bit for her sister's van that way...silent auction, too.

BLove said...

I dont know of anything right now Devon but you know if theres anything I can do then let me know.