Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I had another post in mind for tonight, but I have changed my mind, because my heart is really full right now.

You know, something I didn't expect from having a special needs child is how much joy he would bring to me. I swear joy runs in Dakin's veins in place of blood. He is so happy, so excited. I love--and feel so privileged to be able to--see the world through his eyes. The smallest things bring a smile to his face, and he always wants to share them. We were watching the Olympics tonight, and he was so interested in the downhill skiing--something I usually find boring. Watching his reaction to it made me stop and take a second look at the beauty of that sport. Something I would have completely missed without him there.

I love how he will find something that brings him joy, and say, 'ma ma' to make sure I see it. He'll point with his eyebrows raised and mouth slightly open in the direction of the object of interest. Now, since Dakin finds everything interesting, I hear 'ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma' all day. I am so grateful I get to hear that sweet voice constantly.

The other aspect of this is the joy I get to have from his accomplishments. Watching him string a bead or put a cap on a bottle is a miracle. Every little movement that he 'shouldn't' be able to do is amazing. I am so blessed that, due to the nature of his disease, he has taught me to slow down and treasure every movement, every laugh, smile and moment.

If you know me personally, you probably know I get caught up in moving forward, in motion for the sake of motion. I have a really hard time just sitting still and being. Dakin has helped me change that. That pause is not something I would have learned in any other situation.

Anyway. I know this wasn't terribly well put together, but like I said, my heart is full. We lost our night nurse, so I have had the privilege of spending more time with Dakin at bedtime, and it's in those little minutes that I am truly reminded how lucky I am to be his mom.

So so blessed.


The Gustafson Family said...

That is so beautifully written and so true. I, too, often get caught up in the "have to do's" in life and Nicholas helps me to slow down and just enjoy every moment. These little boys are truly gifts to us moms.

Colleen said...

I love this post. It's so true that these little miracles from heaven teach us so much! He's blessed to have such a good Mommy who loves him to pieces!

Amanda said...

What an amazing lesson and I think you experessed yourself beautifully!

Ashley said...

Oh Devon my heart is so full for you! What most parents would not think or look twice at are such a huge deal and such a gift to SMA parents!

TMI Tara said...

He truly does exude JOY. What a sweet boy. He is a blessing, and YOU are a blessing to him! {{HUGS}}

Sara said...

I think you put that together very beautifully. You have such a way with words, the love you have for that beautiful child of yours is so evident through your blogging. A lot of us have learned so much from you and Dakin, and in that, he is a blessing to us, as well!


beth said...

On the contrary, you said it beautifully :)