Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

One of the things that most people don't know about me is that I never saw fireworks against a dark sky until I was 9 or so. Yep. I'm from Alaska--born and raised--and up there at this time of year it is twilight all night long. I have very vivid memories of watching fireworks at midnight against a still-blue sky, softly backlit by the Alaskan summer. These are some of my favorite memories.
Tonight, I had the chance to make another wonderful memory--watching fireworks on TV with Dakin. He enjoyed them very much, and kept flapping his arms and looking at his butterflies that are hanging from the ceiling fan. I have no idea how he knows that they are in the sky on TV (he flaps his arms when he sees something in the sky), but he did. Smart kid.
Anyway, I'm glad I got to make another wonderful fireworks memory with my sweet boy. Happy 4th to all!!


Junior said...

Dakin is one smart guy, so happy you could make a great memory with your sweet boy.

Sky said...

Sounds like you all had a great 4th, I cn just see Dakin moven around like that (smart boy) hugs Sheila and Sky

mrs. mari said...

devon, it sounds like you enjoyed a good 4th with dakin. all good memories.

i live in enumclaw, wa just south of seattle (in fact my husband works in seattle and at one time i did too.) we love going to alaska. we love it so much that last year wqe took my sons and my mom up with us. when we began thinking of what to do this fall for our vacation my husband immediately said "alaska". i'm hoping for a beach this time around.

where in alaska are you from? is your family still there? how on earth did you end up in texas afer alaska? very different scenery.
my inlaws and sil all live in austin. my sil teaches at UT, and my in-laws retired there--my mil was done with snow (my fil was a professor in minneapolis and then chicago.)

sorry this is so long.

Denise said...

Hi..I have stumbled onto your blog once before and then again tonight from Miss Zoey's blog. Dakin has the BEST smile ever!! I was reading through some of your blog and then went over to Gwendolyns from your post etc. etc. As I was reading hers about their visit with you, I realized that you must live in or near Tyler, TX. We live in CA but are heading to Tyler, TX early next month for a wedding and I just loved the coincidence. Any hints on a decent place to stay?? I am already thinking we need to try that BBQ place you met the Strong's at. I look forward to following your journey!!

Mandy said...

What fun to be able to meet up with them! I have read about the Strongs and you both are such amazing people!!! Dakin is so stickin smart!! Glad you had a fun weekend!!