Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dakin's new favorite toy is a set of stacking cups. He has gotten very good at taking them out and putting them back together again, but his favorite activity is throwing them across the room. Thought you might enjoy a video.

In other news, I got to sing him to sleep yesterday--I don't get to do it much anymore, but when he laid down for his nap, he was at the right level of sleepiness for me to lie next to him and sing him away.

He's been pretty chill the last few days, and kind of sleepy. I don't think he's getting sick--maybe just a growth spurt. The weather here is too humid to take him out, but I'm hoping for a break from that soon (East Texans, read: October...sigh...) so we can get him out again. I think he's bored.


Gurnandan Ambardar said...

This is brilliant!! As always Dakin's a star...and you are fantastic..Lots of encouragement, thats what is needed. hugs.

Jodie said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Dakin! That is so wonderful that you were able to sing him to sleep. I miss those days. Maybe y'all will get a cold front to come through and then you could take him outside for a little bit. Dakin is still seriously a doll! Can I say that about a little boy?

Kristy said...

Good job Dakin! He's such a neat fellow!

beth said...

Yeah, Dakin!! Keep those cups in line! Actually, just smile at them with that adorable smile of yours and they'll do anything you want. Keep it up!

Love Aunt Beth

Keri said...

Goodness gracious, he keeps getting cuter and cuter!! Way to go Dakin!