Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Busy Two Weeks!

We have had such a whirlwind two weeks I have just not even taken the time to blog about it all! Here are the highlights:

  • Our East Texas Signature Drive for the Petition to Cure SMA got great results! We started at 57 (boo) and we ended up with 292 signatures! YAY! Great job, East Texas!
  • Dakin was a little media magnet--one newspaper article and two news spots--this pic is LaKecia Shockley of KLTV news, the reporter who covered Dakin's story. She was wonderful!!

  • We met with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R) to discuss the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act. He is a wonderful man and we hope that he will decide to cosponsor the Act. The other little boy and his mom in the picture came with us to meet him--Matthew has Type 2 SMA.

  • We had the amazing chance to meet Gwendolyn and her sweet parents.

This may not seem like a lot, but for a little boy who doesn't go out a great deal, it was very busy two weeks.


Junior said...

Way to go, you guys have accomplished a lot. Great pics

Sara said...

Wow! You are doing wonderful things and I just know that all your hard work will pay off!
Love that little Dakin, he is such a cutie!

Heather said...

Whirl wind for certain but what amazing things you are doing and accomplishing.Dakin looks darling and smiley and happy.Thank you once again for your continued support and loving words of encouragement.It never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated.Always.

Zaneta said...

So proud of all the work you are doing!

April said...

That is awesome! Way to go!

Victoria Strong said...

So proud of you for all you have done, for how you have pushed yourself!!! I know meeting at the restaurant was a new push and YOU DID IT!!! And we felt so honored that you did it for us! Miss you!

queenmari said...

you have done so much. and you are getting out there and getting the word out about sma--i wouldn't know what it was if i hadn't stumbled upon the strong's blog one day. it is a mighty fight you are bringing to the attention of people and you should be so proud of yourselves for the work you are doing.


Greek Goddess said...

Wow. You sure have been busy. Great photos. Proud of you!