Monday, October 15, 2012


Was an absolutely glorious of those East Texas October days that make the hellacious summers absolutely worth it.

So I packed Dakin up in his power chair and we went and did one of his favorite activities: watching cars on the 'big road'.  There is a lovely lady on the corner of the street who just adores Dakin and tells us every time we see her how happy she is for us to come and use her lawn for him to watch cars...she is the sweetest thing and her house is perfect for it.

So we enjoyed the perfect afternoon watching cars.  Singing their colors, talking about them.  Seeing his smile and happiness as he looked at me.

It was like time just stopped.  It was wonderful.

And, because nothing with Dakin can pass without some bit of hilarity ensuing, the following conversation took place:

Me: "You have cute hands."
Dakin: "And a cute head. And a snot nose. That's really bad."

Stay tuned for tomorrow and the pumpkin drama.  

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