Sunday, January 22, 2012


In the last 6 months or so, Dakin has REALLY caught up on his speech.  He is more or less exactly where he should be now, and it is so fun to hear him articulate his thoughts.  Here are some of the gems of late:

(Playing with rubber bands, he had them stretched and said they were swimming.)  I said, "It's swimming?"  He said, "Rubber bands don't swim!"

(With his nurse, watching videos on the iPad.  One of them doesn't want to load) J: "I don't think it's loading, baby." Dakin, pointing to circular thing on the iPad that runs when it's thinking, "See that thing?  That thing means it's LOADING." (evidently said in a tone that made Jane feel stupid...he has quite a bit of attitude).

Me, checking diaper: "I think you're wet." Dakin: "I think I'm don't."

Dakin: "Don't tickle me.  I like kisses better."

And the best one: "Mommy, I love you a lot." Me: "I love you a lot too." D: "I love you one more."

He has also recently threatened to put me in time out for saying the word crazy, and on December 26, he said "I love you" spontaneously to me for the first was awesome.  Now I get to hear it all the time!


Kristen said...

Ahhhh.... I love hearing about Dakin talking. It's so great that he can communicate with you. Those three little words mean so much to a mommy...

Bethany said...

First of all Dakin, your hat is awesome!! :)
I love hearing how much more you are talking and that your attitude comes right on through! You gave your mama a sweet gift by saying I Love You and she will treasure it every single time you say it to her!!