Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hide And Seek

Guess what I got to do on this dreary, rainy day?

I got to play hide and seek.  With Dakin.  He hid, I sought and vice versa.  All of this was accomplished with the help of his powerchair, which is very good at driving now.

It may seem like a small thing, but this is pretty amazing to us: he can drive himself into a room, turn around, come what he likes.  INDEPENDENTLY.  It is life changing for both him and us...of course I keep an ear on him, but he can explore without me having to hover over him.

It. is. incredible.

So we used that newfound independence to play hide and seek.  He loved it, though he didn't quite get the concept: as I was 'searching' for him, I would say, "Where is Dakin?" To which he would give away his location by answering "I'm in here!"

I posted it on Facebook, but I must reiterate here: I have done so many amazing things in my lifetime: swam with dolphins, hooped with fire, had my first kiss in Paris, lived abroad...the list goes on and on.  But playing hide and seek with my sweet boy makes the top ten most breathtaking moments of my life. 

(No pictures: I apologize, but I need a new USB cord for my camera). (Also: I need to note a few things here so I don't forget them, as I know they aren't written in his journal.  1. He used to say 'yeah yeah' for yes, and 'noi' for six.  Don't know why.  2. He has said some highly amusing stuff lately that I wanted to record: I accidentally bumped his head transporting him from his room to the living room the other day ((he has gotten so long!!!)) and later on he told me to 'Hug and talk about my poor little head.'  Then the same day he was helping me make Valentine presents and I was having a ribbon issue.  He, never one to like wearing socks, said, 'Take off [my] socks and talk about the problem.' It was just so...grown up sounding. And hilarious. 3. He looked on the kitchen counter and saw the bananas--he said they were 'snuggling', and outside the other day he wanted to follow the neighbor's bulldog because Dakin was 'afraid he might fall'. )


Junior said...

Go Dakin, so exciting to hear about you driving your power chair.

ever hopeful mummy said...

devon, i;m smiling and crying too... those firsts are so important, aren't they? they make you feel like a million dollars...
ps i love his dakinisms!

Colleen said...

So amazing that he can play hide n seek...what fun! Go Dakin!

Bethany said...

Dakin, you are one awesome kid! I love how you have mastered your wheelchair and can now go wherever you want to go! Your mommy must be so proud of you! I wish I could come play hide and seek with you! I used to hide behind the curtains with my legs sticking out and announce "You can't see me!" so I totally get your version of hide and seek! I absolutely love the way you say things and how you view the world!

Becca said...

I'm so glad Dakin is enjoying life as a powerchair user - getting a chair was a big revelation for me too, and I wish I'd got it a lot earlier.

I thought Dakin might particularly like these bananas: :) (image safe for work, family, small children etc etc)