Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Special Visitor and AOA #8 and #16

Last weekend we had a visitor!  Dakin's aunt Carrie came to see us all the way from Denver. 

It was awesome having Carrie here!  She is a lot of fun and is great with Dakin--the tubes and paraphernalia don't bother her at all.  So we took advantage of the slightly cooler weather and accomplished some Autumn Of Awesome items: Going to Tiger Creek and Making Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread!

Tiger Creek was good--though they have expanded a TON in the last 18 months so the tour was a lot longer than before and we cut it short because the small one was getting warm. 

And the Pumpkin Bread:  Dakin refused to sit up in his chair to help us bake this, so we did it on the floor.  Why not?

We had a wonderful weekend with Carrie here!  She and Dakin got to play a lot--he was, after all, the reason she came.  He spent the entire weekend saying "Aunt Carrie!  Aunt Carrie!" to draw her attention to any little thing or just to 'ping' her, as he is wont to do with aunts.  We love you very much, Carrie, and hope you come back soon!!

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