Monday, September 19, 2011

And Another Random One

Another post that is more just for me than anyone else...we will continue with regular blogging tomorrow when I update on our walk!

Dakin is sick tonight...or so it appears. He started with a really runny nose yesterday that escalated into a fever today. The fever has not come back I am hoping it will be a mild one, especially considering everything going on this week with Strolling with SMARD. He is resting peacefully at the moment, thank heaven, as I do not have a nurse tonight either.

Yesterday and today have been wonderful. Dakin was so clingy yesterday (prelude to a cold?) and I got to snuggle with him a lot during church. He was so good in church- he led the line from Sunday School into Primary with all the little boys following him in his powerchair. It was so sweet.

He pays so much attention in church. He was listening to the story the teacher was telling and commenting on it to me. When we got home he was singing the song they learned. He is just a sponge.

He was so excited today when his Speech Therapist brought him an early birthday present of Angry Birds stuff...he wanted to talk to the pig sticker I had on my finger. 'Pig sticker talk to Dakin!' Adorable.

Last thing I want to mention is his new best friend: a Wonder Red doll (from Super Why). He LOVES Wonder Red, and this is the first time he has really attached to a stuffed toy. He insists that I hold her in my hand so he can show her stuff...him playing Angry Birds, the FlexSeal commercial on the TV (he likes old people commercials...haha). I can't sit her up so she can see....oh no, even when it is physically impossible I am supposed to hold her. It'sneat to watch how he tries to interact with her.

Ok, enough for tonight. Thank you for indulging me. :)

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