Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok, so I have been MIA. I admit it. The only thing I have to blame is the iPad...I have been playing on it at night instead of blogging like I should have been doing, right? Ah well.

Today we trekked to Dallas for a visit with the cardiologist. We have been seeing her because I am freaked out about heart health for Dakin--with so few children in the world with SMARD, you can't be too careful, in my estimation.

He was terrified a good majority of the time we were there, thinking he was going to get a shot. I am talking a big freak out--he has really developed anxiety with anything relating to hospitals...and he knows we are at one before we even park. Too smart.

But he took it like a man. We entertained him with his new favorite, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" on the iPad as he had his echo and EKG done. He freaked out a little at the beginning but managed to calm down enough to get the images they needed. As we waited for the cardiologist to come in, his anxiety started rising again until we told him that she would listen to him with a stethoscope, and for some reason that calmed him right down. He kept saying, "Lady stepacoke!"

His heart was given a clean bill of health, and we were told to come back in 18 months. Nice, right?

We decided on the hospital cafeteria for lunch, where Dakin was in an extremely good mood. Observe:

He was singing "Red, e-lo, lellow, gween, boo..don fogeh purpa too, rainbow color me and you." It was really cute to see him singing and so happy after such a traumatic experience. But that's just how he rolls. :)


Kristen said...

Way to go Dakin! We love to see you smiling! We love to hear that your heart is healthy too!

Colleen said...

Stepacoke, how cute! I'm so glad to hear you don't have to return back to the cardiologist for a long time!

Junior said...

So glad to hear that all is well with his heart. Dakin I love seeing your big smile.

Sue O'Neill (Casey and Colin's Mom) said...

Aww, what a doll!

Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

Oh my gosh is that "red yellow green blue song" from signing times??? Presley sings one just like that from signing times! (called colors of the rainbow)
CUTE!!!! I just love him! Love your posts! And glad you are back to blogging! Cause i sure love seeing that kid!

Anonymous said...

I just started following this blog the other day, so I haven't read up on everything your son is going through, but he has the sweetest smile ever. So glad everything went well at the doctor's office.

April said...

I'm so glad his heart is in good shape! Hooray! Love that little super man and his songs!