Monday, March 28, 2011

OK, OK...

To the entire universe (read: family) who is fussing about lack of posting: here you go. We just haven't done anything over the moon exciting recently, and the iPad has been holding me hostage. But just so the fussing comes to an end, behold the small excitements of late: Learning to cut in OT Our bi-annual trip to the zoo, where we had to spend ten minutes of my life I will never get back staring at the zoo's newest exhibit: black bears (genus big stupid scavenger freaking black bearicus)
I hate stupid black bears. Hate them. And lest you think, "what a strange thing for someone to hate," let me just tell you I was born and raised in Alaska...I grew up on the side of a mountain. With big stupid scavenger freaking black bears. Who like to sit outside the house and scare the devil out of me, and who also eat the trash out of your cans. I hate them.

Dakin LOVED them, of course. He also enjoyed making a rainbow cake I saw on Omnomicon. I have no explanation for the silly face.
Dakin and Daddy outside playing with Daddy's RC car.
Other zoo notes: Dakin still loves the ducks, and had a wonderful time grinning at a penguin swimming back and forth in front of him. He did not care for the bird house this time around, though, owing to a new ornithophobia. (We were outside at dusk a few weeks ago and the birds were flocking back and forth and scared Dakin to death. Don't ask me why. Since then it's been all "Scary birds. Birds scare me. No birds." Being outside has been a riot, let me tell you.)


Jodie said...

I love seeing pictures of your smiling boy!

Zoey's mom said...

All amazing reasons to be missing in action.You have been missed but knowing that your sweet boy is healthy and smiling,is all that matters!

April said...

Having fun together is way more important than blogging :) But I LOVE seeing how you're doing!

Martha's Hearth said...

Dear mother of Dakin, (and father)

My son sent me your link and I saw his picture along side of dear Dakin. What a precious thing to have the chance to touch the life of another with a need you can fill. I knew about his project since the beginning and was praying for him then too, and your family.

If you want to abbreviate this to post any of it, feel free. You do not have to post any of it, though. Up to you. It is really more of a personal letter than a blog.

I am praying for your Dakin. Since you are in TX, I suppose that you are aware of the supplement company Mannatech that has given so much help to thousands of children. If not, feel free to contact me, or 952 486 8883 in MN.
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A kind of curious thing, my phobia of heights went away once I started using this. Just remembering about the bird thing...